Slavery A Blessing? Arkansas Politician Thinks So

Jon Hubbard makes shocking claims in new book

From Huffington Post.

Some shocking claims have been penned in a new book by Arkansas House of Representative Jon Hubbard. In the book, Hubbard argues that slavery is “a blessing” for African Americans.

The first-term Republican writes that the integration of schools is hurting white students, that African slaves had better lives under slavery than in Africa and that blacks are not contributing to society, among other controversial assertions.

On slavery, Hubbard wrote:

“… the institution of slavery that the black race has long believed to be an abomination upon its people may actually have been a blessing in disguise. The blacks who could endure those conditions and circumstances would someday be rewarded with citizenship in the greatest nation ever established upon the face of the Earth.” (Pages 183-89)

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  • Guest

    Like it or not, he has a right to
    write his book. But, let’s channel that
    energy and re-tell the story. Let’s call
    it, The Founding of a Thug’s Life (aka the start of racism in America):

    As early settlers, life was horrible. We were failing miserably in our new
    land. Truth be told, we were born in
    countries that had been in existence for hundreds of years. Our ancestors were the visionaries who built
    those nations, not us. We had no idea
    that building a new country from scratch was going to be as hard as it
    was. In fact, we practically starved to
    death after we arrived. Our new country
    was falling apart. Thank God the natives
    turned out to be kind and hospitable people.
    They fed us and showed us how to farm the land for food. We would have died without their help. Then we got to thinking, they seemed to have
    figured out the whole survival thing in the wilderness and we were never going
    to be as good as them. In fact, some of
    us were abject failures back home, nothing more than thugs who were cast out by
    the queen to explore the new world…but we still had our guns, so we were

    We tried to force the natives to work the land for us. Unfortunately, they fought back and said they
    would rather die…so we killed them. The
    country started to fall apart again. We
    asked ourselves, now what? Who else was
    going to do all of this work? Turned
    out, there were people in Africa who were just as nice and who were just as
    resilient. So we took our guns and we
    got our boats and we set sail to get some new slaves. We decided this time around, our new slaves
    would work the land for food, pick the cotton for clothes, build our houses for
    shelter, do our work around the house, raise our kids…and as a bonus, we’ll
    rape their women, young and old, for pleasure and breeding. I guess it was a little ironic, but we called
    our new country the land of the free.
    What we really meant was that we were free to do whatever we
    wanted. No more rulers. We policed ourselves, we were happy.

    Maybe things got a little crazy, I don’t know. Other pretentious whites started to talk
    about our immoral and unchristian-like behavior. They didn’t like the way we treated our
    slaves, but we were not giving up our slaves.
    We told them, you’re going to have to kill us to free them…so they
    did. The country started to fall apart
    again. We ended up losing our slaves,
    but we got the S.O.B. who freed them. We
    then told the blacks to get off our land.
    We waited to see how far they would get with no ride, no money, and
    nowhere else to go. Amazingly some broke
    away from our stranglehold and made out just fine. The ones who stayed started to complain about
    being paid servants; they claimed things were no better. They just didn’t get it; we spent good money
    bringing them over here, they owed us.
    We started to hate them for not appreciating all that we had done. So the more they complained, the harder we
    made it for them. We had to show that we
    were still their masters. We tried to
    beat, maim, and lynch them back into submission. That didn’t always work. So we ended up writing laws that made helping
    them and loving them illegal. After all,
    they were told that they had the right to live as free men, not the right to
    live like us. Jim Crow laws kept us
    happy for a little while longer.

    Maybe things got a little crazy, I don’t know. Other pretentious whites started to talk
    about our unlawful and unchristian-like behavior. They didn’t like the way we treated little
    black school kids and black workers and black families who were trying to find
    a decent place to live. We couldn’t
    stand seeing them walking around free and finding their own success, so we
    sabotaged their gains at school, at work, and at home. They had the nerve to threaten us with
    lawsuits and peaceful protests. We told
    them, use the constitution to sue and protest all you want…so they did. The country started to fall apart again. Segregation was eventually outlawed, but we
    got the S.O.B who fought for their civil rights. Some claim that life is better for everyone
    when we live by the Golden Rule. They
    just don’t get it. There are no rules
    for thugs. We live to satisfy our own
    hedonistic wants and needs. We always
    find a way to justify our bad behavior; we say things like it’s their fault for
    being so nice, so trusting, so weak, and so stupid. Boy old boy, we could have really created a
    thug’s paradise here, something that the devil himself would have envied. Too bad we brought over all of those
    religious kooks who really meant it when they put words like “unalienable
    rights, equality, freedom, justice for all” and even God’s name in our
    doctrines. They just didn’t want us to
    be happy. We should sue them for reverse