Special Report: Leadership Lessons from the President

What you can learn from Barack Obamas management style

initially didn’t vote for Obama until the final round.

“At times the staff of the Review felt like warring tribes, and he managed to keep them all working together pretty smoothly,” says Berenson, a Washington, D.C.-based partner at global law firm Sidley Austin L.L.P. “He encouraged people to arrive at consensus and forget compromises. He did an amazing job keeping the peace among a group of very fractious personalities and big egos. His political skills in that internal sense were extremely evident, even back then.” Even as Obama chose his cabinet and advisers, his team represents a diversity of backgrounds and ideologies.

Corporate Lesson: As the economy becomes increasingly influenced by global markets, it is crucial that companies embrace a diversity of ideas that will be based on varying influences from culture and social status to politics. The challenge is creating consensus around those diverse and even conflicting ideas.

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  • p.s. gary

    This article is extremely helpful and to say that it is outstanding marks my penchant for understatement. Reluctantly, I must confess I find myself thrust into a leadership position and with all due modesty and humility I do not really see myself as any sort of leader.
    Nevertheless, I assume the responsibility and this article helps to empower, encourage and inspire me to do a much better job than I ever did. President Obama’s success is quite evident. Now I want to try to implement his methods where I am now.

  • Alice

    I found this article to be very helpful. I have been in leadership roles for years. This article helped me look at some things I must change in my leadership style. I will immediately begin practicing the leadership styles mentioned in this article to make myself a better leader, but most importantly, to empower those that I work with for the success of the organization and the team.