Talking With the Enemy

Obama and McCain offer different approaches to dealing with Iran

“In other words, if they do have nuclear weapons ambitions, it’s probably as a deterrent to try to prevent them from being invaded.”

Zunes believes that Obama’s approach would be the more productive of the two, taking its cues from past presidents such as Richard Nixon, for example, who engaged in negotiations with leaders of China and the Soviet Union. “I think he would basically hear them out and find out where they’re coming from,” Zunes says. “He would see if there’s some kind of compromise to be met where Iran’s legitimate needs and concerns can be addressed and America’s needs and concerns can be addressed without allowing Iran to continue its provocative and illegitimate behaviors on various fronts.”

In his opinion, Iran is years away from producing nuclear weapons, although it has a program that could one day be used in military applications.

McCain has often pointed to Obama’s views on how to handle thorny issues such as Iran, withdrawal from Iraq, and others, as examples of his opponent’s inexperience and inability to handle such weighty problems if elected. But, Zunes says, “Most senior diplomats and international relations scholars from left, right, and center tend to agree with Obama. I think the real naiveté is in thinking that the failed policies of the Bush administration will work and that we shouldn’t try a different approach.”

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  • Interesting, ” a Denier is failing because they refuse to acknowledge that something they are doing needs to change.” This is something that Henry Ford himself alueded to and why he said that he would quit, that if you learned from a mistake, then you are progressing

  • Rnvus1

    Excelllent article on being clear (clarity) regarding who you are as it relates to being a business owner. The examples given were excellent.

  • Jonymor

    A real eye opener.

  • Gumdrop Swap

    Blunt and honest. My favorite part “So if your “business” is consistently unprofitable and you’re struggling
    financially as a result, then you don’t a have business. You have an
    expensive hobby and you need to make a change immediately.”

  • I enjoyed reading this! And I want to learn more about Felicia Joy

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    This puts things into perspective for sure! 

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    Love the Denier information

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    This is such great advice that I know I’ll be incorporating these techniques more at my job. Interestingly I thought I was pretty good at handling things, but I see how I can do even better. There’s a fine line between being assertive and being a ‘fill-in-the-blank”, but I have to believe that people can really tell the difference, but if they don’t, the best anyone can do for themselves is to be honest and open about things (maybe that’s my naivete talking, but I sleep better at night!)

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    Great information!

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    i have experienced this before. so instead of sitting back and watching things fall apart, am going to take action!! thanx to SBU.

  • I have re-read this and I have gotten even more the second time….

  • A business owner has to be heard and understood.