The Audacity of….McCain

does not erase the fact that McCain is the Grand Old Candidate (who is just getting briefed on this new technological wonder called the Internet) of the Grand Old Party. All you need to do is to compare the audiences at the major party conventions to see that.

The GOP can shout “change” as loud and as often as they like. It doesn’t change the fact that the party and its platform is the party of the past, not the future; the party of the status quo established by the current Bush Administration, not the party determined to strike out in a new direction for a better, greater America. If authenticity counts for anything in this election, American voters will not be fooled. If they really want change, they will accept no substitutes and reject cheap (yeah you, Palin), hastily crafted imitations.

In the meantime, look out for John McCain’s best-selling autobiographical blockbuster: The Audacity of Hope.

Alfred A. Edmond Jr. is the editor-in-chief of BlackEnterprise.com

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  • Jim DESantis

    Dear Sir,
    It seems like your the one with the audacity to say whats right and whats wrong. And Im speaking as a democrat. First of all dont come across that Senator Obama is a much more loving husband then McCain. You know nothing of what goes behind closed doors, just because he lets his wife walk along side of him.
    Secondly Blacks across America have worked and struggled long and hard to be accepted into the main stream of the Americas, and the first thing Afro-Americans did, was to make certain they were dis-engaged by calling themselfs “Black American”. I am of italian descent and I have never referred to myself as Italian American. I am an American, period.
    The idea of a separate union such as the “Black Enterprise”, along with the other organazations which distingquish itself as a lone community for the blacks, is infact racists to me and many white Americans. I am now judging you by your character, not by the color of your skin.

  • Mary

    Mccain will tell us anything he thinks we wants to hear between now and November. Isn’t this what they Did to Kerry. Shame on you Republican. Did you the media turn Obama upside down and flip him on his head. Is there a double standared for Palin.

    Please let’s not forget the Katrina diaster, non voting for Martin Luther King holiday in the beginning by Mccain, and all the other issues he stood by Bush on. And the news refused to list those concerns, are you sure some of you are not running for president?