The Most Intriguing People in Business

What distinguishes them from their peers is their pure domination of their respective spaces.

not, however, relinquished his base. Massenburg’s beverage company regularly sponsors his music events. As CEO of Kedar Entertainment Group, this year he entered a 50/50 partnership with R&B artist Joe, in which the two will share all profits and rights of his recordings, including the masters—an unprecedented model for independent artists and recording labels, creating an environment where artists and execs can profit equally. This year Joe’s CD, Ain’t Nothin’ Like Me, debuted at No. 8 on Billboard’s Top 200, the highest debut for an independent artist in the history of the chart.

The Dealmaker
Quintin E. Primo III CEO of Capri Capital Partners L.L.C.

Primo likes cycling, swimming and reading. But when he’s not enjoying his favorite pastimes, he’s putting together multibillion-dollar real estate deals.

With housing values in the U.S. declining and the subprime mortgage crisis making banks gun-shy about extending loans and credit, real estate investment opportunities are perhaps fewer and further between than ever. Primo, however, was already doing what any true entrepreneur would do—looking for deals overseas.

The result: The CEO of Chicago-based Capri Capital Partners L.L.C. (No. 4 on the BE ASSET MANAGERS list with $5.3 billion in assets under management) recently inked a $2 billion deal to develop part of the central business district in King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia. Capri’s project will feature two 1 million-square-foot office towers, two five-star hotels, a retail mall, a pair of residential condominium projects, and a convention center.

Primo is also eyeing locales in Africa, such as Libya, which offers extraordinary weather and beaches on the Mediterranean, he says. Near Egypt and Morocco, Libya is not as commercially viable as its neighbors, which Primo believes makes it a ripe location for investment projects and capital.

Being a person of color creates a benefit in developing relationships with people on the continent and in the Middle East. “Invariably,” he says, “in approaching the market I find myself sitting across the table from people who look just like me.”

Kimberly N. Holland, CEO of Icon Management Inc.

At most sporting events, she’s often mistaken for a publicist, family member, or a girlfriend, but Holland, president and CEO of sports company Icon Management Inc., has never let stereotypical perceptions derail her ambitions. Originally from Washington, D.C., she earned a juris doctorate from Regent University School of Law in May 2002, and served as a legislative foreign policy assistant to Sen. Edward M. Kennedy and as a paralegal at LaFace Records. In 2000 she seized an opportunity to manage career negotiations for Olympian Terrence Trammell, and eventually realized her potential as a sports agent. The prospect of becoming a formidable player in the field was amplified at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Among Holland’s roster of athletes, five brought home medals—eight in track and field—double what she amassed at the 2004 Olympics in Athens. Such revenue has increased her negotiation power. Before the 2008 games an athlete, appearance may have netted a $5,000–$10,000 fee. She can now command between $30,000 and $40,000 for an Olympic athlete. Holland

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  • Mr. Vadim Danilov was invited by Mr. Naohiro Baba to strike up an acquaintance with Mr. Harry Fujimaki to work for Toshiba Corporation (?????? Kabushiki-gaisha T?shiba) as a general logistics manager in the Russian Federation. The event occurred in 2004. In the course of two years Mr. Danilov had been “employed” in other spheres such as, a certification specialist, customs broker, trader, promoter, etc. Mr. Danilov worked effectively and honestly thinking that he was a team player contributing to Toshiba’s benefits.

    To his disappointment, Mr. Koichiro Natsume, an executive manager of Toshiba Corporation in the CIS, declared him a Toshiba Official Trader at the Conference at the Imperial Park Hotel, Moscow, 2006. In addition, Mr. Koichiro Natsume declared that Mr. Danilov Vadim was officially registered by Toshiba Corporation as Toshiba’s Official Trader named “the Ninth Wave” (‘Deviatiy Val’). To conclude the announced procedures, Mr. Natsume Koichiro issued to “Deviatiy Val” a Toshiba invoice PI 20060800059 dated August 24, 2006. The invoice was paid to a TCMS official account at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Singapore Branch.

    Moreover, there were other financial transactions during 2006-2007-2008 years, executed by Mr. Vadim Danilov between clients and Toshiba Consumer Marketing Singapore, SMBC Singapore branch account.

    After all the payments were completed, Mr. Koichiro Natsume vanished somewhere in Japan. Toshiba Corporation managers in Russia, Japan and Singapore refused to explain to Mr. Vadim Danilov how those payments had been used.
    Toshiba Corporation & TCMS, insist that Mr. Vadim Danilov has no evidences that Toshiba Invoice PI 20060800059 had been paid, as well as all the other payments.
    Moreover: Toshiba Corporation declares now that Mr. Vadim Danilov had never had any relations with Toshiba Group Companies.

    Nowadays, the Toshiba staff is running away from Mr. Danilov Vadim and his lawyers. The Metropolitan Police Department refused to investigate the accident and explained to Mr. Vadim Danilov that he has no right to bring in an action against a Japanese citizen; nevertheless, Mr. Koichiro Natsume is probably hiding in Japan.

    Summary of the case:

    Toshiba Corporation managers are too afraid of Mr. Vadim Danilov’s knowledge of Toshiba management precisely elaborated scheme for “personal financial transactions” via third parties as a ‘private financial network’ Russia-Estonia-Finland-Singapore.

    • “Debts and lies are generally mixed together”

      Luxury World

      “For the greater part of the trade we did much more than practice a large-scale deception through double-traders; by means of the double-trader system we actively ran and control the Russian business markets system…”
      Norio Sasaki, [ The Double-Trader System in the Business; Yal University Press; 2009, New Haven and London]

      Once upon a time, in 2008 a Holy Man entered JETRO – Japan External Trading Organization.
      He had a lot of great plans and was sure that the nice future was waiting for him among Japanese Trading Houses and Shadowed Elite Businessmen Society.

      But there was a question – How to become as popular as ‘to be or not to be’ expression?
      It was easy only from the first glance.
      In real life no one was interested in one more manufacturer of luxury bags and precious testicles.
      At the same time Holy Man needed glory and fate not less then Salvador Dali.

      So, he decided to do the same: popularity becomes through some scandal. It is always better if intentional scandal is growing bigger and running huger worldwide…

      The Holy Man founded another Man with help of JETRO. While searching the internet he noticed Tiny Man- some simple human being who was fighting with Toshiba Corporation and Mitsubishi Group. That was the man he ever wanted.

      The internet and Newspapers were full of different stories about Tiny Man. He was struggling in Tokyo and Singapore, Washington and Brussels, Moscow and Tashkent, Sankt-Petersburg and Odessa, in Google and Yahoo, through newspapers, Singapore Police and other respectable resources.
      “That man could be compared only with Brother Che”, – decided Holy Man and issued to Tiny Struggler small message. Holy Man was not sure that Tiny Struggler would notice him, so he decided to send his message not as short SMS through some mobile luxury phone, but as a invitation through JETRO official.

      The Holy Man needed sales. As soon as it could be possible. So, he requested Mr. Tiny Struggler to check the local Russian market.

      He promised a lot, which was not necessary to be really executed in the future. The main target was to get contact: that is how the Tiny Struggler was captured. The Holy Man found interesting detail – Tiny Struggler was fond of Salvador Dali Arts in his poor childhood.
      The best representation for him was ‘to hint’ on some contact with Salvador Dali.

      Tiny Struggler explained to Holy Man that it could better to begin invasion into Russia after official registration oh Holy Man’s brand, trademark, organization, etc.

      Stupid Tiny Struggler could not understand with his empty attic, that these official aspects of life were not the real target of the Holy Man.
      He just wanted to sell his precious bags, elite socks, velvet handkerchiefs, necklaces (as new and brand).
      Holy Man promised to sign some contract with Tiny Struggler and even sent one sample of the contract to him. No one knows now why that contract sample was for Poland, but anyway – it was better then nothing.

      The way of God Father’s business seemed colored with diamond stars in Russia:
      No need to Trade Mark registration;
      No need to have Certificates of Compliances;
      No need to register company;
      No need to invest anything officially;
      No need to pay taxes;
      No need to have License;
      No need to have Sanitary inspection of products made from unknown skin;
      No need to converse foreign currency into rubles and vice versa;
      And a lot of other “No Needs” which must be executed in ‘normal’ countries with ‘normal business’.

      The best executer of above mentioned ‘moves’ was Tiny Struggler. The fame of Tiny Struggler became even more day after day: he was already fighting with Media Markt Saturn, Auchan and SONY !

      What else was needed? – Nothing!
      Fool rushes in where angels fear to tread.
      Just some promises of future happiness and full pockets of money for the fool of circumstances.

      But even a Fools bolt may sometimes hit the mark – Russian Customs did not allowed Holy Man to import luxury purses into Russian territory… A light purse makes a heavy heart – Holy Man ‘forgot’ that Russian Customs officers are thinking very slowly without heavy purses… So, while they were requesting various documents: certificate of origing, of compliance, of conformity, of sanitary inspection, etc… (waiting for some bribes) – some Italy gangstaz have stolen purses nevertheless they contained no money at all.

      The Holy Man disappeared from the horizons of Tiny Struggler. The reason was cheap: Holy Man could not pay for job, because his real intentions were to find some slaves in Russia who will work for some sly of dry Italian pizza from backyards of famous Italian canteens.

      BUT: the Story just began…

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