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High court justice to retire; DOE invests in HBCUs

DOE Invests in Science and Technical Research at HBCUs

Nine historically black colleges and universities in South Carolina and Georgia have received nearly $9 million in grants from the Department of Energy to develop academic programs in science and technical research fields that will integrate coursework, DOE field work, and applied research., the White House announced earlier this week.

“This important partnership will provide the education and training opportunities students need to become the next generation of environmental scientists and engineers,” said Inés Triay, the DOE’s assistant secretary for environmental management, during the award presentation in Columbia, South Carolina, on Wednesday.

Women and minorities are underrepresented in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields. In a Bayer Corp. survey of minority chemists and chemical engineers, many said the reason for the lack of diversity is because they are discouraged from pursuing studies and careers in these fields. The survey found that inadequate science and math programs in low-income school districts (75%); stereotypes that say STEM isn’t for girls or minorities (66%); and the education costs (53%) are the top three contributors to the underrepresentation. In addition, respondents cited managerial bias (40%), company/organizational/institutional bias (38%),  little or no access to networking opportunities (35%), and a lack of promotional/advancement opportunities (35%).

The participating institutions will have “the extraordinary opportunity to use this federal investment to train the scientists, mathematicians and engineers who can step in to meet the growing demand for new diverse talent,” Said House Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn (D-South Carolina).

The following HBCU institutions are receiving awards:

Allen University, Columbia, SC – $1,000,000
Benedict College, Columbia, SC – $ 1,180,944
Claflin University, Orangeburg, SC – $999,018
Clinton Junior College, Rock Hill, SC – $837,049
Denmark Technical College, Denmark, SC – $789,440
Morris College, Sumter, SC – $987,793
Paine College, Augusta, GA – $ 992,889
South Carolina State University, Orangeburg, SC- $ 1,197,987
Voorhees College, Denmark, SC – $982,387

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  • Nathan

    Nial, lightening gthnis up for a change. I like it.Bill (and others): Writing for the New Republic in December 1988, William Schneider wrote the definitive essay on the liberal president: Tough Liberals Win, Weak Liberals Lose. I think its premature to declare liberal president over one month into Obama’s tenure. If you believe in buy low, sell high, gthnis almost can’t help but improve on Obama’s watch, and he stands to reap the benefits.But what I saw last night was a man who firmly understands how to work the angles in a debate. He reprimanded the GOP wingnuts even while painting a picture of an inclusive America George Bush often referenced while campaigning but never really believed in, let alone wanted.And the fact that Biden was prominently posted behind him, not in some undisclosed location (hunting wabbits) as President Dick Cheney so often was, makes it clear who is in charge.