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Democrats ready for midterm elections; broadband assistance for small businesses

SBA Announces Energy Efficiency Aid to Small Businesses

Does your business need an energy upgrade? The Small Business Administration announced on Friday that it has awarded small business energy efficiency grants to Small Business Development Center (SBDC) networks in seven states.

Each grant is in the amount of $125,000 and will be used to provide energy assistance. Small businesses will receive education, training, energy efficiency audits, and information on how to adopt energy efficient practices. They may also receive help with the purchase and installation of energy-efficient building fixtures and equipment.

“It’s a win-win because a small business saves on energy bills while contributing to the growth of green jobs in other local businesses,” said SBA Chief Karen Mills. “The grants contribute to SBA’s efforts to help small businesses facing increasing costs of fossil fuels and diminishing energy resources.”

The SBDCs that received grants are in Arizona, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Idaho, New York, Nevada, and Nebraska. The latter four will use the grants to expand existing programs.

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