Wealth Gap is Greatest for Women of Color

Study shows wealth inequality is much greater than income gap

Policy recommendations to help narrow the wealth gap:

• Target financial resources for education and training women of color in sectors and occupations with high opportunities for career advancement.
• Implement universal early childhood education programs to better prepare children for success in school, and recognize that women are participants in the labor force.
• Increase Small Business Administration assistance to microenterprises.
• Make the Make Work Pay tax credit, which covers the self-employed, permanent.
• Remove asset limits from public assistance program eligibility
• Make the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit refundable
• Expand allowable expenditures for matched Independent Development Accounts in the Assets for Independence program.
• Institute minimum benefits for the Social Security program. This would lift many people-particularly women of color-out of poverty.
• Restructure Social Security for part-time workers.
• Extend unemployment benefits to part-time workers.

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