Timeline: What Has Obama Done Lately For The Country?

More than 40 actions the president took in 2014

May 21: Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument declared.

May 20: Announcement of 2015 SelectUSA Summit and over $18 billion in investment facilitated by SelectUSA to date.

May 14: Plan released to reduce the aggregate time it takes to conduct reviews and make permitting decisions for infrastructure projects, while producing measurably better environmental and community outcomes.

May 13: Actions announced by HUD and FHFA to reduce lender uncertainty and expand access to mortgage credit.

May 9: Commitment by 300 public and private sector organizations to cut energy waste and deploy enough solar energy to power nearly 130,000 homes.

May 6: Third National Climate Assessment released.

April 25: Laid out plan to strengthen America’s teacher preparation programs.

April 16: Announcement that nearly $500 million in community college grants will be used for “job-driven” models, along with $100 million to support apprenticeships

April 8: Executive Order fighting pay discrimination among federal contractors.

April 7: Award of $100 million in grants to redesign high schools.

March 28: Released strategy to reduce methane emissions.

March 19: Climate Data Initiative launched.

March 14: Gainful employment regulations released to protect many students from unaffordable college loans.

March 13: Presidential Memorandum directing Secretary of Labor to update overtime pay protections.

March 11: Permanently protected the first shoreline addition to the California Coastal National Monument.

March 7: FAFSA Completion Initiative launched to help students apply for college financial aid.

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