White People, You Will Never Be Suspicious Like Trayvon Martin


  • a friend

    We want justice 4 Trayvon Martin !!!

  • Tyrell

    Innocent my ass. It’s time for us blacks to start calling a spade a spade. Trayvon was suspended from school 3 times since October, once the authorities found stolen wedding bands and other jewelry in his backpack. In the mixed-race gated hood were he was shot there had been a spate of robberies in the past three weeks. Trayvon (why can’t we black people learn how to spell or name our children) attacked an armed man and got shot in the tussle. It’s a damn shame, the amount of our babies out there with no daddy or mommy looking after them. The black family needs to be stronger.

  • aryanna nazario

    why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my school weared hoods on our heads to repersent who we stand 4 that man who shot trayvon needs whole life in jail

  • robert

    yes its sad that young boy died by the hands of an idiot but its not a racist act its some idiot trying to make a name for himself it could of been any young kid with a hoodie cause community watch people are not aloud to approach suspecious people they are only suppose to call 911 and let the police do thier jobs its ashame that every time something happens between a black and a white its racial its not always true but if a black attacks a white its differant it dont get spread across the news people just need to get over this racial stuff and look at each other as americans and quit dweling on discrimenation it makes life and trusting harder for everyone

    my heart and pryers for trayvons family (god bless)