Who’ll Get the Boot?


While older workers may be a more likely prospect for layoffs because they cost more to employ, companies do face the risk of an employee discrimination lawsuit, says Spriggs.


“During recessions you see claims of discrimination go up,” he says. From a cost analysis, he says companies would rather hire a younger person for an annual salary of $25,000 and pay for training, than pay a senior employee $80,000 a year. But the issue right now isn’t layoffs. It’s the steady number of new job entrants and a contracting job market.


But what about technology? Since companies are seeking greater positioning in the digital realm, wouldn’t younger people, who grew up with the newer, faster technology, be best the ones for the job?


“It doesn’t matter,” he said matter-of-factly, shooting down the remaining remnants of my hypothesis.


So much for that theory.


Renita Burns is the editorial assistant for BlackEnterprise.com.

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  • Serge-bu

    As a recent grad and new member of corporate america, I cannot help but consider the economy. Regardless of my employment sector my livelihood muchless my job are at stake. With student loans kicking in around the same time I am to go to the polls my focus as a constituent has peaked more than ever. I have been watching and reading CSPAN,BLOOMBERG,WSJ,NYT and several other news outlets to keep focused with the economy and the political sphere. There was one thing that I grew up hearing in my household, aside from God money and politics make the world go round. I never thought those words would be as evident as they have been these past few months. As this election year, which will be historical on many fronts, gets into the nitty gritty I can help but schedule in my company funded blackberry the presidential debates. More than ever before my generation is in tune to what our fates will be decided upon by the words of two men. Where once we only heard of life living in a recession and oil shortages, the likelihood of experiencing makes me think of that old saying “history has a way of repeating itself.”

  • renita

    I agree, I think young people are more worried about the economy than ever. As a recent grad too the stakes seem to be at an all time high.