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Black Enterprise Magazine September/October 2018 Issue

I was told by a headhunter to omit the “objective” section on my résumé. Is this a good idea?
-K. Henry, Las Vegas

“Yes,” says Rae Pearson, certified personnel consultant, president and CEO of Alpha Rae Personnel Inc., an executive recruiting firm in Fort Wayne, Indiana. “Particularly if you’re looking to go into one of multiple areas.”

An objective is okay if you’re interested in one position, say that of an accountant. However, if your skills and expertise make you suitable for a wide variety of positions in various industries-advertising copywriter, information technology consultant and marketing researcher, for example-and you’re willing to take a position as any of them, an objective will narrow your appeal considerably.

The bottom line is that you only want to include relevant information that will help you get the position you want. An objective may or may not. The only way to be sure is to ask.

For a résumé that garners the greatest number of responses, you should speak to the headhunting professional before-not after-you create it. Ask the recruitment agency what positions it has available in your skill set(s). This way, you ensure that you include all pertinent information, such as software skills, professional affiliations and volunteer experience, and that you are only asking to be considered for opportunities that really exist.

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