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Mrs., Mom, And CEO

Vickie Clark runs a thriving home-based transportation business for kids

In 1995, when Vickie Clark voiced her desire to start a business transporting kids…

By Monique R. Brown


Technology Makes A Comeback

Fizzling dotcoms were last year's news. Now, technology gets back to basics. B.E.'s experts discuss how you can find the capital to fund your venture.

Last year, dotcom implosions, scarce venture financing, and the Internet bust were the buzzwords…

By Dale Coachman


A Time For Bold Leadership

Richard Parson's deal-making prowess and diplomatic touch has catapulted him to become CEO of AOL Time Warner,the world's largest media powerhouse

On an unusually warm december day, Richard Dean Parsons is where he usually is…

By Derek T. Dingle


Reaching The Silver Screen

There are plenty of black films. The problem is getting them shown. Black filmmakers arefinally taking on the distribution challenge.

When independent filmmaker Carl Seaton raised money from investors in his native Chicago, he…

By George Alexander


New Places New Faces

At the 6th Annual B.E. Entrepreneurs Conference, black business owners inked groundbreaking deals while networking the night away in Opryland

Every entrepreneur, no doubt, is well aware of the economic impact of a slowing…

By Paula McCoy-Pinderhughes


Investing 101

Learn how you can make money in today's financial markets

Every Once In A While You Have An “Aha!” Moment, a point in time…

By Tanisha A. Sykes


Creditors in Your Closet

Let this debt-management plan rescue you from a haunted past

It was in Tan Goodjiones’ senior year at Atlanta’s Morris Brown College in 1983…

By Leslie E. Royal


Don’t Let Your Paycheck Limit You

It's your financial strategy that determines how well you build personal wealth

Sam and Bandace Bell are living the typical American dream. They are college-educated with…

By Carolyn M. Brown


Excellence by the Graham

CNBC President and CEO Pamela Thomas-Graham is worth her weight in gold as the highest-ranking African American in the ultracompetitive cable news industry

It’s nearly 3:30 on a Wednesday afternoon in mid-July. Outside CNBC headquarters in Fort…

By Robyn D. Clarke


Affordable Franchises

Choosing a franchise was never this easy. We've presented opportunities that are sure to fit within your budget.

In 1990 Walter Turner started his milwaukee-based Coverall Cleaning Concepts franchise, Turner Coverall Cleaning…

By Bridget McCrea


Tools for your financial life

Upgraded software packages create user-friendly budgeting

Whether you’re a recent college graduate with meager resources or an accomplished professional, you’re…

By Tanisha Hopson


Top 10 Reasons To Dump Your Bank

Use these red flags to determine when you should make a switch

When Jeanine Cooper-Taylor moved to Atlanta in the winter of 1996 and opened a…

By Leslie E. Royal


Virtual Communities

African American Websites are hooking people up in more ways than one

Over the past couple of years, the Web has become a powerful medium for…

By Jason P. McKay


Building urban communities

Construction Project Management Services has designs on success

Like many entrepreneurs, Eugene Marsh, president and CEO of Construction Management Services Inc., gained…

By Jayne Cubbage



Imagine a star-studded awards show held at one of New York City’s posh night spots,…

By Carolyn M. Brown


investing on the homefront

How to use your time and money to build wealth in your community

Nearly 20 years ago, a group of frat brothers and graduates of Atlanta’s Morehouse…

By Carolyn M. Brown


The Most Home For Your Money


Midway through last year, Deirdre Brown-Postell discovered the house of her dreams–or so she…

By Donald Jay Korn


The Art of Savvy Budgeting

Before you can invest, you must figure out how to keep track of your cash

In our January issue, black enterprise began one of its most ambitious projects to…

By Ivan Cintron


Two Tongues are Better Than One

Fluency in a foreign language can translate into a world of professional possibilities.

Three years ago, Edward Harley was an English teacher at the Nova Language School in…

By Sonja

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This Bull Has Legs

The longest bull market in history stampedes on

The bull may be getting long in the horns, but it still rages on,…

By Ivan Cintron


Driven to Succeed

These companies emerged as B.E.'s 1999 Small Business Award winners. Here's why.

Certainly the prospect of starting your own business may seem daunting, but each year…

By Gerda Gallop



Young investors funnel spare change into the market

The springtime of life marks growth-mental, physical and social. It is a time when…

By Carolyn M. Brown


Saving is fundamental

Groups teach teens the value of financial responsibility

Remember receiving your allowance with a stern warning to save it rather than…

By Bevolyn Williams-Harold


Life of a Day Trader

Vanita Jones reveals the promise and peril of online investing

With the explosive growth of online brokerage firms, it seems that practically everyone is…

By Lynnette Khalfani-Cox


On Top of the World

David Steward, CEO of World Wide Technology, has propelled his company by focusing on internal growth

David Steward is a firm believer in the power of faith and perseverance. Yet…

By Tariq K. Muhammad


First & Goal

These movers and shakers are scoring touchdowns in the NFL

Watching Minnesota Vikings head coach dennis green roam the sidelines during a football game…

By Sherie Holder


Buy the Book

Black bookstores may be the way of the dinosaur. Here's what retailers must do to survive and thrive.

On a warm Sunday afternoon in mid-August, Sherry McGee stood near the front of…

By Shawn E. Rhea


Riding the Wave

The job market is good and your prospects are high. Here's how you can bulletproof your career.

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Mirroring any…

By Cassandra Hayes


‘Role’ call

The right internship can help you land the career of a lifetime

“No experience necessary” is music to the ears of anyone in search of a…

By MarcArthur St. Juste


Investing from scratch

If a lack of cash has kept you out of the market, here are three low-cost ways to get in

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses. When it comes to getting into the stockman, there always seems…

By James A. Anderson


Seeking an Investment Advisor

The Jacksons knew they needed help with their wealth-building strategy--here's how they finally found the right financial planner

Talk about a change of heart. Not so long ago, Dawn and Scott Jackson…

By James A. Anderson


At the Top Of Their Game

These companies emerged as B.E.'s 1998 Small Business Entrepreneurs of the Year-Emerging Company, Business Innovator, Rising Star and Kidpreneur

Despite a host of challenges, including lack of adequate start-up capital, competition from larger…

By Gerda Gallop


Shopping for an Enterprise

Buying an existing business may be more lucrative than starting one from scratch. Here's how to tell what might work for you.

Buying an existing company can put a neophyte business-type on the fast track to…

By Joyce Jones


1998 BLACK ENTERPRISE/PEPSI Golf & Tennis Challenge

If you got game, financial backers will come; if you don't, expect to go it alone

By age 17, she had already taken the tennis world by storm. Finally, a…

By Black Enterprise


Women of the B.E. 100s

A look at how women CEOs arte running some of today's largest black-owned DK: businesses

The world of the BE 100s is one of exclusivity. The CEOs that run…

By Eric L. Smith


Scoring In The Big League

The sun is shining on Ronald E. Blaylock and his firm, Blaylock & Partners, as they stake big claims on Wall Street

Ronald E. Blaylock is in the zone. Much like his play with the Georgetown…

By Marjorie Whigham-Desir


Full Or Self Service?

The amount of help you need investing determines whether you'll need lots of advice or just a firm to clear your trades

After saving for years, Carole Copeland Thomas finally reached a point where she had…

By Donald Jay Korn


25 HOT Web Sites

We've scoured cyberspace so you won't have to. Here's our list of "must stops" to make the next time you're traveling the Net.

Tired of getting lost in cyberspace and ending up at Web sites that don’t…

By Hiawatha Bray


Correction… Crash… Or Crisis?

Money manager Randall Eley shows how to pick stocks that can stand any seismic disturbance

Beginning this month, BE is expanding “Wise Words” to cover more questions you, the…

By James A. Anderson


Life Atop The Crystal Stair

Rising to the executive suite may seem lofty. These top decision makers tell what price they have to pay for success.

Some say the route to the upper climes of corporate America is along a…

By Cassandra Hayes


Nothing But Net

You probably can't match their income, but you can benefit from the financial advice professional athletes bank on.

Houston, we have a problem. The 82-game season is only nine games old and…

By Mark W. Wright


The Feeling Is Mutual

A bevy of black-managed mutual funds is bringing new investors into the market, B.E. checks out what they have to offer.

No, this is one revolution that didn’t get televised or much in the way…

By James A. Anderson


The Urge To Merge

Fusion of Georgia's Citizens Trust and First Southern will create fifth largest black bank

“It’s exciting isn’t it?” With a few understated words,Fusion Gregory Baranco, chairman of First…

By Eric L. Smith


20 Black Women Of Power & Influence

These African American female corporate executives are shaping the way business is done

Will the first african american to head A major corporation be a woman? Maybe,…

By Cassandra Hayes


Taking Your Company Public

Raising money via the capital markets offersrewards as well as risks. Here's what to considerbefore making such a move.

After years of playing the lead role of entrepreneur, inventor, marketing guru or titan…

By James A. Anderson


A Fund Manager Is Born

Randall Eley ranked No. 1 on the "A" list of all U.S. equity managers last year, but can he duplicate that stellar performance managing Eugene Profit's new mutual fund?:

Suppose you decided to quit your job and start a mutual fund tomorrow and,…

By James A. Anderson


Go For It!

If working is making you feel as though you want to turn in your resignation, you're not alone. Draw inspiration from these busy professionals, who took time off to relax, reassess and find new meaning in their lives.

Bailing out from the workday world can be exhilarating–and hair- raising. Throwing caution to…

By Cassandra Hayes