10 Black LGBT Trailblazers – Still Black & Proud


Throughout history people have been persecuted for everything from gender and race to religion and…

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  • Tommy Bennett

    THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Evelynn Ellis

    I have always wondered when our wonderful community would start to turn the corner away from homophobia. I now have hope. I have been sending messages to my gay/lesbian/transgender friends that I never thought I would be able to send—messaages of HOPE. Let’s keep moving on! Embrace and support.

  • Rev Deborah L. Johnson

    I am so happy that Black Enterprise has finally embraced the LGBT members of the Black community. As a faculty member of UCLA’s Anderson Graduate Management School’s Executive Leadership Diveristy LGBT Institute, I can honestly say that in every arena from sports, entertainment, academia, medicine, religion, civil rights, the military, and every other conceivable area including business, our Black LGBT brothers and sisters make significant contributions.

  • p carter

    I am not proud about BE highlighting LGBT agenda. I find it sad that I have to have this lifestyle paraded around like a fashion show. I also don’t care, just live your life. If you choose to come out, come out. Why are we making this a big deal like the civil rights movement. It is NOT!It’s a sexual orientation between two people of the same sex and it should remain private.

  • Rick Cayzer

    I rarely see black LGBT people creating waves in different sector of American society – be it politics, media, academia, etc. I’ts always white LGBTs who hold power. Black LGBTs lack role models in the African American community. The lack of dynamics of black LGBTs is nothing but a reflection of the larger complexities of society. By making this cover, you have created paramount importance and significant change. It’s about time to scratch the glass ceiling. Black LGBTs need support from the black community itslf to achieve their upward mobility.