20 Most Successful Black Companies to Watch in 2011

Meet the freshman class: Black companies that weathered the recession, grew their businesses and landed on the BE 100s list

The Will Group – The Will Group is the parent company of six entities:  ERM Construction, Lighting Solutions of Illinois Inc., Murray Food Services, Lyons View Supply, Rib Mountain Aggregate, and Willson Design. They specialize in engineering, design/construction and project management and have established long-term relationships with manufacturers, business partners and clients. The company has developed cost-effective ways to do business and has been successful in completing projects with sensitivity to financial budgets and timelines.  (Photos: Different lighting technologies from The Will Group.  Courtesy of The Will Group)

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  • LEX

    Congratulations to the selected companies on this list.
    I will admit, I would have liked to have seen more women receive recognition for such an honor.

  • Raymond Henderson.

    It was great to know that there are so many Black largest Business.Congratulation to all the companies on the list.
    I am a small Business owner my self.

    Thank You

  • nabila Zakharry

    Very empresive.
    I am a small buisness owner.
    Thank you