20 Most Successful Black Companies to Watch in 2011

Meet the freshman class: Black companies that weathered the recession, grew their businesses and landed on the BE 100s list

Vendor Managed Solutions Inc. – Vendor Managed Solutions is a custom service integrator and provider of integrated MRO (maintenance repairs and operations) and vendor management services. An innovator in supply chain management, VMS is changing the face of the supply chain and how clients implement purchasing operations, materials management, logistics, and inventory programs. The company consolidates clients’ purchasing operations and customizes a broad spectrum of viable value chain solutions. (Photo: Rumia Burbank, President of Vendor Managed Solutions Inc.; Courtesy of Vendor Managed Solutions)

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  • LEX

    Congratulations to the selected companies on this list.
    I will admit, I would have liked to have seen more women receive recognition for such an honor.

  • Raymond Henderson.

    It was great to know that there are so many Black largest Business.Congratulation to all the companies on the list.
    I am a small Business owner my self.

    Thank You

  • nabila Zakharry

    Very empresive.
    I am a small buisness owner.
    Thank you