3 Ways to Maintain A Healthy Relationship While Building Your Business

How to make sure passion for your business doesn't kill the passion in your relationship

2. Make sure you and your business are taken seriously by loved ones: You have to be sure you and your business are being taken seriously — even if you’re not making loads of money yet.  In the early days of business, when your emerging success is not apparent because you may be struggling to build your revenue some people who are close to you may not believe you’re really serious; and they may not feel that your business will be a big money maker.  As a result they will do things like call you in the middle of the day and want to talk or ask you to run an errand for them.

Back in 2008 and 2009 when that was happening to me I had to explain, “I am self-employed; not unemployed.  I am at home, but I am in my home office.  I won’t be able to answer your calls until after 6:30pm, and I won’t be able to run that errand for you.  I am working.”  In the same way that your loved ones and friends expect to have dedicated time when business is done for the day or on the weekends, they have to understand that your business needs dedicated time, too.

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