5 Leadership Lessons to Move Your Business Forward


Know your people. 

"You can't be what we used to call, 'walk-around-by leadership,'" says Gaskin. "You have to get out and see who [your employees] are, what they do, and what they expect from you. They expect for you to know the business of which you are asking them to do," he asserts.  Lieutenant General Gaskin says that while the people within your organization may not expect you to be as technically proficient as they are at their level, they do expect for you to have an understanding of how they contribute to the whole.

"Some [leaders] can motivate by explaining how disappointed you are in what [your employees] haven’t done. Then there are others that you could say that to and it will just roll off their backs like water and not even faze them." The key, says Gaskin, is to understand the right leadership approach for each individual.

Know your people.

“You can’t be what we used to call, ‘walk-around-by leadership,'” says Gaskin.…

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