5 Steps to Making Sure Your Business is Fundable


  • Andrés Casimiri

    I am so impressed by Mr. Pete Chatmon short career and the way he talks about funding of projects that I would like to invite him as a keynote speaker in Curaçao on or about November 1st. this year. I am willing to accommodate his schedule, as long as it is within a few days.
    Why? Curacao stands at an historic crossroads. Over the coming months, the Parliament of Curaçao will decide the future of the heavy polluting Isla Refinery, which has stood over the Schottegat for nearly a century.
    I am the President of GreenTown Curaçao. We are here to demonstrate to our government and the people that a remediated refinery site–with a sustainable city rising from the ashes of the refinery–will be a boon for Curaçao. We can create thousands of well-paying jobs in 21st-century industries; restore the Schottegat Harbor as one of the great living harbors in the Caribbean; develop new uses and amenities that will serve all the people, while putting an end to the public health and environmental catastrophe that has unfolded under the refinery’s watch…and increase government income 10 X. Why are these not enough reasons? PDVSA – Venezuela’s oil state refinery’s lobby in Curaçao.
    Please help us. Please put us in touch with Mr. Chatmon
    Andrés Casimiri President
    GreenTown Curaçao
    (Personal and greentown curacao profile on face book)

    • Pete Chatmon


      Feel free to drop me an email at pete@double7images.com. I did not see this comment until now, and obviously 11/1/11 has come and gone, but let me know if you have any questions at this point.