5 Steps to Starting a Franchise – Failure is Not an Option

Starting a business is one thing, here's how you take it to the next level without things falling apart

  • Create a solid training system for your franchise.

“Franchising depends on your ability to systematize the knowledge that you have,” says Kaufmann. This means business owners must implement a roadmap in the form of operations manuals to maintain consistency throughout each franchise. Franchising is about selling knowledge and a certain way of doing business, so you must provide franchisees with adequate instruction, training, manuals, support and techniques.

A franchisee should be able to refer to the manual(s) in your absence and have a clear understanding of how the business will be run. “How can you teach someone to work your business if you don’t have an operations manual in place?” asks Miriam Brewer, director of diversity for the International Franchise Association. “That is a recipe for disaster.”

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