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“I used to worry a lot and I still do because there’s just so much that’s nerve-racking and unknown and success is not a guarantee. You know, this is a business and we’re in a volatile economy and anything can happen. I’ve watched other people who were in business before me not be in business anymore and it’s frightening. I’ve found that I can’t make those fears go away, but I can not dwell on them and not allow myself to be afraid of the unknown. I’ve also learned to not be afraid of taking a risk. I’m more afraid of what might happen if I don’t do something than what’s going to happen if I do.”


“I used to worry a lot and I still do because there’s just…

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  1. Jen says:

    Posted on I guess the lesson here is not to be in a hurry! It never pays to rush the job where wood sinats are concerned. I’ve had to learn this the hard way, too!You could try sanding some off some of the stain, denting and scratching it a bit with a hammer and other objects, and generally giving it a beat-up look you know, give the wood some scars that will blend in with the seams where the stain didn’t get absorbed. Frankly, I think the not-so-shiny finish looks better than a glossy coating. As for the ones that are stuck together, you might have to use turpentine, acetone, or mineral spirits to dissolve the polyurethane. You will definitely want to do this outside or in a well-ventilated garage. Read the label on the can to make sure of which of these you should use, as I’m not sure offhand which will work. I hope you can salvage this project. Even with the mistakes, it’s a cool idea. I love wooden boxes!

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