7 Ways to Align Your Brand with Your Vision for 2012


Revisit new connections.

Did you go to a few conferences and collect a stack of business…

  • Rafael

    Sewing will be a great way to make it personal, but nnfdiig fabric on sale where it’s actually cheaper is always my struggle time+fabric or finished product and more time?Anyway . . .I got a bean bag for Ben’s room, and, frankly, it’s annoying never stays put, etc. I love little kids-sized chairs and a table. That way, they can move them around wherever they want, and it eliminates the need for a desk (for the little girls). Lily wanted a beanbag in her room, but we found a butterfly chair on Overstock that was cheaper, the right color, and she loves it.Also, I don’t know what your tool situation is at your house, but if you have a compressor, buying a paint sprayer will actually save you a TON of money on paint and time as well. Let me know. This is the kind of thing I love to do, so if you do, too, the sprayer is a great investment. If not, you want to go as neutral as you can on the furniture so they don’t outgrow the colors. Much easier to change fabric than paint.Good luck, and if you need any more encouragement, post! We can’t wait.PS Eloise’s birthday is the same as my oldest daughter. Good ones have that birthday. Tell me none of your girls were born on March 28. That’s a bad-un.