7 Ways to Align Your Brand with Your Vision for 2012


Every year around this time, I go into "brand hibernation" mode. I look through my various notebooks and journals for clues. What were my goals for this year? Did I meet them?

Yesterday, I was flipping through a journal I used in 2010. On one page frp, around this time last December, there was a bulleted list of 4 concrete goals I set for myself. These were tough goals, almost dreams, that I had for my brand and business. But to my amazement I reached two of these “pie in the sky” goals I set for myself in 2011!

How did your brand fare over the last year? Did you reach your goals? Were you able to do more of the kind of work that you love?  It’s important to assess all that happened this past year to make sure that you’re on track for the next 12 months.

Here are 7 ways to make sure your brand is on track for 2012.---Amanda Miller Littlejohn

Every year around this time, I go into “brand hibernation” mode. I look through my…

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