Apply For Free Grants Up To $100,000 From FedEx Small Business Competition

Grants helping for-profit businesses are rare. Need free money, here’s your chance


Once again, the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest is underway. Once registration opens on May 3, you can share your small-business story and enter for a chance win the top prize—$25,000. There’s also one $15,000 winner and eight $7,500 winners. To whom you must able to explain: What inspired you to start your own business? How will winning a grant help you realize your goals for your small business?

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This will be the fourth year that FedEx is awarding small-business grants to help designers, craftsmen, butchers, and every entrepreneur in between to access capital. But that’s not all, winners also become a part of a community of successful entrepreneurs, gain and share valuable insights from peers, and receive great exposure for their businesses.

FedEx launched their first Small Business Grant Contest in 2012. According to FedEx, in general the company gets impressive response from hundreds of entrants, ranging from for-profits and nonprofits to startups and third-generation family-owned businesses. Many have dreams to build better websites, expand to create more jobs, franchise their ideas, and to innovate new products and services.

Chef Phillip Ashley Rix, owner of Phillip Ashley Chocolates, uses FedEx to ship designer chocolate from Memphis throughout the U.S. and overseas and other retail locations and is a Top 100 Finalist of the 2014 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest.

Named one of the Best Chocolatiers and Confectioners in America by TasteTV and anointed the “Real Life Willy Wonka” by Forbes, Chef Phillip is a rising star in the culinary and business world. The award-winning designer chocolatier boasts celebrity clients such as Tom Brokaw and Morgan Freeman. With a portfolio of more than 150 designer chocolates, his delectable gems have even graced the Academy Awards.

Check out his video on YouTube, where Chef Phillip discusses his unique business; including inspiration, production and shipping. He also talks about how the FedEx Small Business Grant contest has opened doors for his business he never imagined. Although he didn’t win, entering the Small Business Grant Contest led to opportunities like attending and making invaluable connections at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit. Chef Phillip will share his story and tips on doing business with big corporations at the 2016 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit in Miami, May 4-7.

To apply visit the FedEx grant contest registration. Entering is simple:

  1. Create a profile for your business.
  2. Upload a photo of your logo and three photos of your business or product.
  3. Create an optional 90-second video giving us your “elevator pitch” about your business.

Keep in mind that the number of votes you receive will boost your visibility in the contest and is one factor that FedEx will consider when selecting the top finalists and the winners. Business grants that help “for profit” businesses are virtually unheard, so if you need free money, get to work on your proposal.


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  3. Penny Mitchell says:

    My name is Penny Mitchell and I am a black female who has a Master degree in Science/Professional Counseling. I live in Hamilton, Ala. in which we are just of the few minor groups among many. Our area is very poor and our children are failing tremendously academically, because of a few reason. One of the important one is because teachers here only care about the wealthy families and the children who are struggling are just over looked. I have been tutoring a lot of children out of my home, however have grown to know a lot about each one of them and have found that many families are struggling financially. I am hoping to start up after school program that would allow each child to have a meal before going home and homework completed, in order for these children to succeed for a better life. I have never written a grant before and do not even know if this is going to reach you guys are not, but I hope to hear from someone.

    Thank you Penny Mitchell

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