Are You Stuck in Behavior that Could Guarantee Failure in Your Business?

How living in a state of denial could be the downfall of your business

(Image: Thinkstock)

You’ve started a business in the same industry more than one time and you have failed at the past ones and are failing now. Failure in itself often simply means that a person is trying new things, growing and will eventually be better because they have. However, a Denier is failing because they refuse to acknowledge that something they are doing needs to change.  If you suspect for even a moment that this is a culprit in your life, stop right now and decide to change. It may be too difficult or overwhelming to figure out in your own head what you’re doing wrong so ask some people around you. Trust me, somebody knows and they’ve been wanting to tell you.  If you make it emotionally safe for them to give you honest feedback they will.

Do that by starting with something like, “I know it may feel odd to be blunt and honest with someone because it feels like you’re being rude.  But I need to ask you something and I need you to be totally honest with me, even if you feel like it’s going to hurt my feelings.  I promise I am not going to hold anything against you. I just really want to change for the better.”  Warning: Prepare yourself in advance. They are probably going to share some things that will tick you off.  Some of it may not be true, much of it will be. Be patient with yourself as you come to a place of acceptance.  Take all of it in and pray and meditate on what they share so that you can glean what is true and find a way to change.

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