Are You Stuck in Behavior that Could Guarantee Failure in Your Business?

How living in a state of denial could be the downfall of your business

front view portrait of businessman holding a stack of American dollar notes

(Image: Thinkstock)

You’re always borrowing to pay your personal bills and keep your business afloat because your business is not profitable. If you have been in business for two years or less and you’re not profitable then maybe you’re just still in a learning curve.  However, if you’re unprofitable and you’ve been in business for five or more years—unless you are in a capital-intense cyclical business like mining or oil drilling—then you’re operating as a Denier.

This is a fact: A business is made to be profitable. Even non-profit organizations are need to make profits; they just reinvest all the profits in support of the cause. So if your “business” is consistently unprofitable and you’re struggling financially as a result, then you don’t a have business. You have an expensive hobby and you need to make a change immediately. Maybe your prices are too low. Maybe your prices are too high.  Maybe you give hook-ups. Maybe not enough people want to buy what you sell. Or maybe plenty of people want to buy what you sell but your sales, marketing, service and systems aren’t in place to deliver the goods and collect the money. Or maybe you’re a poor money manager and spend too much on overhead.  If you stop, assess your business, look at yourself and give honest answers you’ll figure it out.  A Denier will blame everyone and everything else: “My customers are cheap, I need an investor, the economy is down.”  All may be true, but what are you going to do about it?

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