Are You Stuck in Behavior that Could Guarantee Failure in Your Business?

How living in a state of denial could be the downfall of your business

You avoid conversations that may include discussing uncomfortable topics or you avoid sharing your true thoughts because you have a fear (often an unfounded one) that people will think you are mean. Of course none of us wants to be rude or to be thought of as a jerk, but a lot of times we blow out of proportion the things we think will cause us to be labeled in this way. Sometimes we fake our way through situations and conversations only to later reach a boiling point, which causes us to express what we wanted to in the first place only with anger and irritation. Waiting until you can’t take it anymore may earn you the label you were trying to avoid all along—plus “crazy” on top of it. It’s better to just learn how to have conversations with people and ask questions or make requests. Sure there is a way to have these kinds of conversations if they’re on touchy topics so if you’re uncomfortable with that then get some help, take a training course on communication, or practice in the mirror but don’t sidestep what needs to be said.

A Denier will avoid these kinds of conversations even if asked directly for their feelings on something.  Often a Denier will come back later and claim to have been wronged or disrespected because their feelings weren’t considered, but the Denier won’t share their true feelings, even when specifically asked. In business, you will make tough decisions from time to time and you’ll have to communicate about prickly topics. Don’t make a big deal of it and it won’t turn out to be such a big deal.  If you’re asked about something give your honest thoughts and you can do that diplomatically — and if you change your mind about something later take it upon yourself to communicate that if it matters.

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