BE Next 2009: Where Are They Now?

Young, fearless business leaders staking their claim


Last year was good to the Louisiana native. Forging ahead with a formula for success that includes great customer service continues to pay off. JB Sweeping is steadily growing at a rate of 17% year-over-year. Boykin was awarded a statewide contract from Lowe’s and is currently pursuing a nationwide contract with Wal-Mart.

“I don’t want to grow [the company] too fast because that’s often the downfall of most organizations,” says Boykin. “I’m also making sure that the team I put together is good, because I want things done a certain way.”

For instance, the company is gradually taking on each new Lowe’s store as Boykin trains his teams, some of them new employees, and adds more sweeper trucks. JB Sweeping closed out 2009 raking in $1 million in revenues, but Boykin remains grounded in his mission. He’s not centered on revenue but on the value he brings to clients. “I’m not focused on the money but rather on my brand,” he says. “And what I’m known for is customer service and quality work.”

Boykin’s tip for young entrepreneurs: “If you want to get into business, become a problem solver. When I got into this industry I found a big problem — there was only one guy cleaning the parking lots in my area and he wasn’t doing a good job. That’s when I decided to step in and step up with the best customer service. When you find your niche and are able to not only do what the competition isn’t doing but do it well, you establish your brand and ultimately grow your company.”

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