BE Next 2010: Blazing a Path to Success

Meet the sophomore class changing the game

DarnellHendersonBENext2010Darnell Henderson
Founder & CEO
H.I.M.istry Skin Care Inc.

Specialized skincare is not typically associated with men and it could seem like a luxury item during a recession. How have you positioned yourself for success given the economic environment?

We don’t position ourselves as a luxury brand. We characterize skincare as more of a ‘healthy image male’ and that’s what H.I.M stands for. We tie that into fitness and health versus just grooming and trying to look good. [Also] our e-commerce business is really what’s keeping us afloat and driving our business right now. About 60% of our business comes from our Website. It’s huge right now, because on our Website there’s a lot of information for consumers. One of the things we do is help men figure out their skin type. You have to understand your consumer.

On our site, not only do we give professional advice, we also have tons of information — the more information the better. With skincare being such a female-dominated market and because that’s who it’s always been marketed to, men want to feel like they’re purchasing something that is for them.

Tip for young entrepreneurs: Get educated. Find someone who has already done it. An instructor I had gave me more information on skincare than anyone has in my life. There are a lot of roadblocks that you can avoid by having someone who’s already been there helping you navigate.

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