BE Next 2010: Blazing a Path to Success

Meet the sophomore class changing the game

NatashaEubanksBENext2010Natasha Eubanks
Founder & CEO

The YBF is projected to generate $500,000 to $1 Million in revenue this year. What makes your blog so attractive to advertisers, especially given the plethora of other celebrity gossip blogs?

It’s not the run-of-the-mill gossip site talking about anybody and everybody. [There’s] a certain type of audience [a negative, drama-filled blog] is going to attract and that’s probably not the type of audience advertisers want to tap into.

If you have a certain image that you’re putting out on your site, [advertisers are going to say] ‘Ok, we know there’s going to be a certain type of demographic that’s going to come to this site—that’s the demographic we want to reach.’ So it seems almost like a perfect match, [especially] if you have this niche audience that they’ve probably been trying to reach for years. For example, the 18- to 45-year-old young, black, professional [female market] is a really hard niche to get, but I have that. I can reach those people on a one-on-one basis. I get to talk to 15 million people a month. A lot of people can’t say that.

Tips for young entrepreneurs: Image is everything, and your credibility is everything. You have to really maintain your vision. What you say “no” to is more important than what you say “yes” to.

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  • Frederic

    That’s a lot of revenue for a medium level site.

    And 500000 visitors a day seems on the imagined side.

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  • Ms. Truth

    Wow I am proud of all of them! Natasha, your site is a joy to read. Witty and informative.

    To Frederic: You said that 500,000 a day seems imagined? Not so. If you took the time to break down the numbers, then you have to go further. That same 500k is also equivalent to 10k people per state. And if you want to go further, that could be spread out to 500 people among 20 states. So, it is very possible especially in the more populous cities like LA, NY, Chi, Houston, Miami, etc. They may have 2000 per city. Not to mention the celebs themselves take a look at what is being printed. So I said that all to say, it’s very possible. I know a lot of readers myself. Go Tash!

    – Proud Reader in the niche black female market(yes I am an accountant. hence the numbers rant :)

  • AJoy

    This is so awesome, I am so excited for each and everyone of these people. Go Go Go!

  • sean

    I have to agree the claim of 500,00 is definitely hype, even the revenue estimate of $500,000 – $1 million. seriously? is this called reporting? That range is huge, especially for a small business. BE please get your act together, this is a fluff piece full of PR releases.

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  • Ha Ha

    Haters in here!
    Great job guys!
    What seems out of teach to some can be minute to others!

  • pprez

    I do agree. 500,000- 1-million dollars is a bit far-fetched and deceiving. If YBF is generating this much income wouldn’t Necole Bitchie and Concreteloop be in the same weight class? The ad’s they sponsor are the same. I doubt the amount of records sales, and on-line advertising has boosted up any celebrities sales: chrisette michelle, breezy, and i doubt music executives are going to waste their time forking over millions of dollars in this saturated economy.
    The only blogger that i can think about generating this much revenue is Perez Hilton. Not only does his blog generate 6 figures but he also does TV appearance and im not just talking about appearing on BET ‘next” segment.
    I understand the dire next to exemplify young black entrepreneurs in such fashion,but lets not be misleading,and report false numbers in the likelyhood of boosting up your article Renita.
    Bad journalism, and execution. in this day and top in the technological age you can get away with a lie.
    I like The ybf. its different than the hate-monger that is Sandra Rose, and steps out of the ATL circles that seem to control the blog contents .
    Congratulations Natasha.

  • elizabeth

    So nice to read these wonderful profiles. Thank you for providing.

  • Ms. Chris G

    I am a faithful reader and I believe that it the earning potential is accurate!! I happen to be a part of that demographic that advertisers are trying to reach and I see those ads on a daily basis. I think her website is different because she doesn’t jump the gun and give you assumptions! I always tell my mom “Don’t believe it ubtil Natasha puts on the YBF” lol

  • Jaran Barnes

    This is a great start to go where you dream of being.

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  • Amalia Keib

    Liking your site over here, it’s well made lol.

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