Black Auto Dealers Take Big Hit

Ford faces sales decline in faltering economy

whole ideal of a bailout is to assist, say the banks, so that they can free-up some credit, causing a trickle-affect; then dealers also need some breathing room so that they can survive.”

At the same time, the big three are asking the government for more help, according to recent reports, and General Motors and Chrysler are looking at a merger to help their dropping business. According to the Associated Press, GM is lobbying the Bush administration and some members of Congress for $10 billion to $15 billion in aid to help keep the company going and possibly to make the Chrysler deal work.

“In order for any of us to survive this,” said Lester, “The way business is done needs to be revamped in the automobile industry, from the top down.”

In the meantime, Hall is focused on liquidating everything he can. Once he does that then he will start considering his next steps. He said his family will be fine, with some minor adjustments, and he could be back selling cars in no time.

“With 23 years of automobile experience I should not have any problems finding work or partnering with another dealer.”

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