Building Brand Awareness

Making the most of the Web to let consumers know you are in business

them to easily consume it in the ways they wish to receive it. Now that should increase that 7% awareness of your business some.

Brent Leary is a small business technology analyst, adviser, and blogger at

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58 Responses to Building Brand Awareness

  1. says:

    Great information. The point system was fixed, but something went awry this morning – no points for logging in or post to FB. Still, very useful tips. I’m really enjoying these vids as they are short, to the point and packed with info.

    • Jerome Espy says:

      I agree. I love the information, but I’m frustrated by the glitches in the recording and points system.

      • Infinitehi4 says:

        Several of us seems to have been shortened on our points and it’s sad but I take the information as a great substitute.  In setting up a non-profit I wondered about listening to these videos but now I am grateful I did.  It helped me to realized that an exempt organization is a business as well.  This same information is applicable for IHI.

        • Jerome Espy says:

          Great points. This is applicable for any company or non profit.

        • says:

          I run a non-profit as well and to not treat it as a business would be a HUGE mistake. Some of the biggest businesses are non-profits i.e. Blue Cross/Blue Shield, YMCA, and others.

  2. Jorge says:

    As always Melinda, great advise. Thanks!

  3. Favort2 says:

    Very useful information for growing my business. These are great tips I can use. Thanks Melinda !!!

  4. GGreen says:

    Thank you Melinda, Starting to put these tips into action

  5. Elaine Jackson says:

    Melinda great tips. But if one’s business is suffering  — the model seen is not one that will make other jump in with both feet.
    I am also thinking that what I look at as success and be seen differently by others.
    I am somewhat an overachiever so I dream big but keep missing the mark.
    This forum is a great supplement to other sources of help I am getting.
    Here is a flower from my garden to get your week started.
    Elaine Jackson, PMP

  6. Elaine Jackson says:

    To take my training business internationally I may have to disclose the variations in income. Because of the behind whipping the economy has delivered to me — the books do not look good.In my industry even the huge trainers are dropping their prices.  Total madness.  Someone from another country offered PMP training for $30 — going cost for this training is about $1,200.  What was a shocking eyeopener for me.
    May family complains that I should hold firm and not change my prices.
    Well they had lobster last week and did not complain.Any suggestions.

  7. Kevin Amos says:

    Very helpful for those who never thought about that. Many folks expand but don’t stop to weigh out everything.

  8. Starlyn Priest says:

    Great tips Melinda! Thank you for the helpful information.

  9. Heidi Burks says:

    I can use the last solution towards building a branch in my business

  10. Kallen says:

    Great info.

  11. Jerome Espy says:

    Great info. Growth and timing are key.

    • Infinitehi4 says:

      And it was great to hear it’s a good idea to expand business onto the internet.  Awesome idea….

  12. Askmysecretary says:

    This is the area I am striving hard to work on. Great tips!!!

  13. Lucubrate75 says:

    Thanks Small Biz Lady: I want  to grow my business by licensing my trademark, any advice on what steps I may take?

  14. Sandra Butler says:

    Expand globally but do your homework..

  15. Sandra Butler says:

    Growth open another business expand globally

  16. Sandra Butler says:

    Growth open another business expand globally

  17. Sandra Butler says:

    Expand on the internet……

  18. Sandra Butler says:

    Expand on the internet……

  19. Hope Randall says:

    Expanding globally is what I would like to get more information on

  20. Vettiej says:

    There is no video visible to allow me to watch today’s video. Wow. How have those people been able to get 15,000+points? I guess it is like life. No one said it was going to be fair. Just that it is going to be. I’m trying not to let his depress me. Maybe this is a social experiment

  21. Rhonda Ulmer says:

    Welcome back Ms. Melinda! I would love for you to be my mentor. Thanks for the great strategy tips on growing our business!!

  22. I was considering using the deal sites for my business but was hesitant because of the increased volume.  I think I am ready to handle the demand.  

  23. The internet has a been a great resource since I rebranded My Dessert Bar.  I have had a lot of success.  the next level for me is the deal sites. 

  24. Eugenewjr says:

    Franchising or licensing is the best way to go to take your business to the next level.

  25. David says:

    Franchising your business is always the ultimate goal.

  26. Mrazq1 says:

    Offer my business as a franchise…..Hmmm

  27. Ransford says:

    Good advice for the goods industry. I’m in the service industry and this information is not suitable for me.

  28. Daks. J says:

    Growth is very important and growing according to the capability and resources is very important too.

  29. Kristina Nelson says:

    Franchising is a great way to go and if you have the right product it doesn’t matter if its product or service you can still do it.

  30. Adamah Ruach says:

    Innovative thought process. Opens possibilities with the internet. 

  31. Adamah Ruach says:

    Never thought about franchising…

  32. Ulyssescoleman1950 says:

    I need help in finding funding. I also would like to talk to someone about my business plan. I have a great plan that will help my community. I’m a sociology major and I want to help young and old in the black community learn how Network with social programs.  

  33. Ulyssescoleman1950 says:

    I’am looking for people to invest in my plan on opening a comedy club. That during the day will act as a community center to help people learn how read and write and use a computer.

  34. Donna says:

    Great advice and tools for growth.

  35. natalie johnson says:

    “Tell people how to hire you on your website.”  EXCELLENT POINT!  WOW – simple and easy to do.

  36. Koren Norton says:

    Does anyone know an inexpensive web builder?

  37. Tettcommunitydevelopment says:

    very interesting…. I’m still in the start-up stage and that was great information

  38. Makeithappentaylor says:

    I agree with this 100% and what a great course

  39. Zurriane says:

    Good infomation

  40. Remygirlsinc says:

    Great Advice, never thought about franchising

  41. Sbtey5 says:

    Hit the like button before watching the video.  After numerous times of trying to find out what could be wrong with their system.  After liking the video I noticed I was awarded points.  Not happy that it took me at least 4 times watching each video to find some of this information out

  42. So true! A useful but effective website will enhance your credibility, your business image and make it easy for others to do business with you.

  43. Bobby says:

    Know your market and be able to systematize your business.

  44. Jonathanpope71 says:

    The internet has shown to be a valuable piece to my business.

  45. Octavia says:

    Marketing on the internet is a great way to build a mailing list. Great video!!

  46. Velma says:

    This is great, because in the future I would like to live in a different state than where my original business was set up!

  47. Devonne says:

    Thank you for this video, I think global expansion and expand on the internet are important.

  48. michael125 says:

    I enjoyed this workshop.

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