Customer Service: A Cut Above the Rest

Strategies to boost retention with top-notch service

Customer Service Do’s And Don’ts for Any Business

Chris Bryant, Rapport Strategies, Los Angeles

Do think in terms of delivering a superior customer experience — that is great people, great product, great process and a great place!

Do ensure customers are engaged by staff in a personalized way. People prefer to do business with those who know them and seem to care about them as a person.

CBryantDo strive to build customer loyalty. Implement creative ways to reward long-standing customers for their business and referrals.

Don’t allow any customer to visit without receiving a warm greeting or leave without being thanked for coming.

Don’t just meet the expressed needs, but always look for even the smallest ways to exceed customer expectations.

Don’t ever stop listening to your customers and striving for ways to improve the overall experience.

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6 Responses to Customer Service: A Cut Above the Rest

  1. Good morning, Do you have any specifics on any of your articles about, knowing what to say when women are present, and knowing what not to say to keep clientele? I’m having an issue with one of the barbers in the shop where I work, and he’s constantly talking about the white race, he doesn’t like them, but I find myself lashing out at him because he seems to think its okay to display this type of talk in the barbershop. Please direct me to anything that I can take to the shop owner, so that he can learn proper procedure on how to keep the customers happy.

  2. Jared Bahr says:

    I do not know why this magazine is coming here. I have never ordered it and there are no black members in the household. It just goes in the recycling. Please discontinue sending it. Thanks so much.

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  5. Cecil chapman says:

    I am receiving this magazine without ordering too! Are you just giving this away or is someone paying for this?

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