Daymond John Moderates Early Stage East’s Gathering of Startups & Investors


Daymond John

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  1. Cassandra says:

    Dear Daymond John, is it possible you contact me with information to contact you? Im an inventor from illinois and need your help,you wont be disapointed by this idea.Keep up all your good work, you inspired me.

  2. BOB says:


  3. Vincent Adams says:

    Hi Damon my name is Vincent Adams and I am a inventer and a small business owner try to get my products to the market I am in the start up stages of both my project I have a US patent for fourteen years at this time and need some help with some start up capital and need to know how I would go about getting it you can contact me threw my email at thank you and have a nice day V.H.Adams

  4. william ladeau says:

    Hello Mr. John; 1) How does a guy audition for SHARK TANK. 2) If i desired to fed-x a sample product to you, where would one send it (cert. mail), so YOU actually SEE IT.
    Looking forward as always with you, Wm. G.Ladeau

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