Decoded: The Business Lessons of Hip-Hop Powerhouse Jay-Z

Hip-hop entrepreneur Shawn Carter releases book about his life and lyrics

  • Oprah: “I was over at L.A. Reid’s house in New York for a dinner party a couple of years ago… Somehow it came up that I’d read The Seat of the Soul… It turns out the author, Gary Zukav, had been a guest on Oprah’s show on multiple occasions, and Oprah expressed surprise that I was also a fan of his work. She didn’t expect that of a rapper.”
  • Bono: “I met [U2 front man and philathropist] Bono years ago in the cigar room of a bar in London… I was completely unprepared for what a genuine humble and open person he is… We became friends after that night. Years later, we both became investors in a restaurant in New York, the Spotted Pig.
  • LESSON: Be sure to remain open-minded and well-versed on various topics so that you can have engaging conversations. This could lead to lucrative partnerships, deals, and insights. For more on making great connections, see Putting Power in Your Networking.
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