Fate of Federal Contracting Agency

GSA seeks to move beyond dark cloud after Lurita Doan's controversial departure

the paperwork necessary to be recognized as a minority business with the government. Also, form alliances with majority owned companies to help in snaring some of these opportunities in the event they [need outside help].”

Doan’s problems however could haunt future appointees to the agency. “I think it will cause the decision makers to pause before they appoint another woman [of color] as the head of this particular agency,” says Clementine Clarke, founder of San Francisco-based MH & Associates, a governmental affairs, political strategy, fundraising, and community relations firm. One of CMH’s primary goals is on getting women of color elected to political office.

Clarke says she was surprised Doan remained in office until this year. “When we as a people of color enter into high level positions—private or public sector, it is important that we realize from day ‘one’ that we are expected to perform at a higher level of integrity and ethics because all eyes (even the ones you cannot visually see) are on you,” she says.

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    Love this.

  3. Kristina Nelson says:

    Love this printer everything you need, I would like to know how much the ink is for it?

  4. Sonia Harris says:

    Wow, I didn’t know that Dell made printers!  (Makes sense, though.)

  5. Ransford says:

    I like the demensions of this. Looks kind of plain though.

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    I would like to see how it compares to the Kodak; we have one now [Kodak] but if this exceeds what we have then….

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