Finding Customers in Your Own Backyard

Be sure to tap into a prime consumer resource: your neighbor

good response rate for direct mail is about 5%. A successful response rate, however, is anything that allows you to recoup your investment.

The “new neighbor” audience is small but lucrative. It is an excellent marketing investment for companies who have a tight advertising budget. If you gain these customers today, your company could enjoy their loyal patronage for many years to come. “When I get customers to come here for the first time, they’re pretty much hooked,” Mobley says.

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  • I am an entrepreneur in the real estate industry and am always looking for ways to advertise. The idea of partnering with a local business to offer incentives is a grea idea. Thanks BE for the article!

  • As a marketing consultant I am always looking to provide innovative ideas to my clients that are effective and affordable(this is definitely one of them!). BE this is a great idea that many companies tend to overlook, but it is evident that the costs outweigh the benefits!

  • It’s even more cost effective to enable your customers to bring you customers. Nielsen did a worldwide study in 2006 that found that 78% of consumers trust what they hear from other consumers more than traditional forms of advertising.
    Small businesses would be better served to conduct word of mouth marketing campaigns than mass media campaigns. They are less expensive, more effective and easily sustained over a longer period of time.

  • Thanks for the article. I work as a remote real estate assistant and closing coordinator for brokers and agents around the country. Because of the contacts I have, when new home buyers are seeking information about the area, I find it of great value to always put together a resource sheet highlighting the preferred areas for homeowners such as banks, schools, restaurants, cleaners, home repair companies, inspectors, etc in that particular area. The brokers and agents need it and the buyer love it! As a result, my clients always come back.