Five Ways to Reach Mature Consumers

Are you overlooking a viable market?

Appeal to their values. Pre-Boomers and members of the Greatest Generation still lovingly cherish the American flag and hold their hands over their hearts when listening to The Star Spangled Banner. Often lost on younger generations, such patriotism provides a good entry point for companies looking to add older consumers to their customer pipelines. Products that exude patriotism, for example, or Web sites that display symbols of American pride, can go a long way in engaging older consumers. “Our elders showed us how to be patriots,” says Potter, “and to believe in one another and ourselves.”

Don’t think of them as “old.” Age really is just a number, says Potter, who advises companies to not factor that number into the equation when developing advertising and marketing campaigns aimed at Pre-Boomers and the Greatest Generation. “When you’re coming up with your concept, think of them as being much younger than they are,” Potter adds. “Look at them not as ‘older’ consumers, but as ‘savvy’ consumers who are looking for value, and for products and services that will make their lives easier.”


Pre-Boomer Musings

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