Friendpreneurs: How to Find Success, Preserve Relationships

Shared vision, understanding can lead to good partnerships

has allowed us to clear any hurdles that may come up.  We do not always agree, but we do always agree to compromise when worse comes to worse.”

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  • Alicia

    Excellent tips! BE, thanks for helping your readers kick off the new year in a positive and enlightening way!

  • Frankie Turner

    Please email me a site to go to for startup help for my small business. Do have any on line workshops to view? mobile 407-443-2193.

  • Kimberli Meadows

    This is inspiring. I admire your work. Your articles seem to address all of my concerns as the head of BDG PR, a media relations, event management and production firm.

  • Kimberli Meadows

    Thank you.

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