How to Integrate your Website with Traditional Advertising

One of the most popular buzz words in the advertising field right now is "integration"

agency Amanda Vega Consulting in Phoenix.

To achieve an integrated marketing strategy also requires a marketing team that knows its final product must be synchronized with the work of others. If, for example, your Website designer is off working on his own, independent of your print advertising agency, then the odds that the two mediums will be cohesive is pretty slim. “Get them all in the same room,” Vega says, “and make sure they’re all working together to reach the same end goal.”

Taking an introspective look at your current marketing strategy, analyzing its effectiveness, creating an approach that incorporates all efforts and getting everyone involved on the same page may seem complicated for the average small to midsized business, but Vega says the payoff can be significant. “In this day and age, you never know where your customers are going to come from,” Vega says. “By paying attention to consistency across your entire marketing strategy, you’ll be able to develop a very strong backbone for future business.”

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