Small Business Guide for Success

Launching a business? Here are tips to get you started--the right way!

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    40 Responses to Small Business Guide for Success

    1. Jacardo01 says:

      heather you can try google, vista print, yahoo.

    2. charles washington says:

      Great info thanks Ms.Lynnette Khalfani-Cox. This really helps.

    3. Tarshall says:

      great new way of thinking to plan

    4. Elaine Jackson says:

      Our concern is knowing how long we will have to wait for sunnier days.
      The economy has really hit those in the technology space.As a PMP Instructor I am finding clients in a tough space:they need the training to get back to work and they need the job to afford the training. Those that are out of work for long periods of time  – no longer qualify for the PMP Exam.Elaine Jackson,

    5. walstonja says:

      Excellent advise! Thanks

    6. Sandra Brown says:

      Thanks for the advice: Question every purchase!!

    7. Lindsay says:

      Very sound advice.  Having a savings is probably the most important part.

    8. Dlhoops3 says:

      Great info.

    9. Shay Atkins says:

      My favorite part here was to question every purchase, I find myself with buyers remorse with some of the purchases I’ve made for my business…I’m learning!

    10. Askmysecretary says:

      I am so concerned about having that professional look, that I  have to admit that I have overspent in some areas too much, but now I know and will make better purchases!

    11. Erica D. says:

      Many times I have told myself to wait before buying. We have to learn to listen to the more sensible side of our head.

    12. I’ve recently created a spending and savings financial ledger. The hardest part about budgeting is questioning every purchase, especially recurring ones– such as social network web hosting.

    13. Sandra Butler says:

      Create a spending and saving budget…..

    14. tony harrison says:

      I agree its very important to save and have some money put up for the new business so im doing all i can to save now.

    15. Kristina Nelson says:

      Every thing I’ve heard has been helpful

    16. ssaperstein says:

      i would definitely say two years worth of savings would be a smart thing to do prior to starting a business, not mandatory, but very wise, to cut down on stress during the start up phase

    17. Defining a budget has been one of my downfalls..

    18. Phoebe says:

      This is the area I will need help.  Thanks you have help to point out some weaknesses I need to consider.

    19. De'on says:

      This definitely gave me things to think about. Like waiting until I have more savings before launching my business. But I want it now!

    20. Lucubrate75 says:

      Thanks Moore for the info

    21. Reaganm says:

      For some reason this after having watched this video it is not showing that I have completed it 🙁

    22. Zurriane says:

      This is a very good piece.  Thank you tracking is very improtant this has a lot of good and sound advice.

    23. Shelia says:

      Having that 6 months financial cushion set aside is key! In this tough financial climate, dare I say a one year cushion might be appropriate. The classes are great.
      Thank you for all the effort that was put forth in doing these courses.  

    24. Laura Hudson says:

      Very helpful information I plan to start using today thanks for sharing!!!!

    25. Bobby says:

      Definitely use a good CRM like Zoho or something similar to to track your spending on marketing and other expenses, but always have a good accountant!!! 

    26. Carter Ceo says:

      The financial cushion is something we are currently working on, and questioning every purchase is a must. I like to ask my business advisor (my mom), since her first answer to everything is “don’t spend any money”. Since I have to justify it, it keeps me honest about whether I truly need something or not.

    27. Mckela Simon says:

      I need to get all my jewerly at once but i need to find way to get cheaper…

    28. Great information, this class really help me – especially with creating the spending and saving plan, as well as to question every purchase. Awesome!

    29. Velma says:

      I know a thing or two about a budget as I am the most “saving-est” person I know…However I don’t or haven’t created a spending budget…Great tips!

    30. Wizzdom says:

      Having a strong cash position makes sense. Making a spending and saving plan is essential.

    31. Octavia says:

      As an
      accountant I can attest to everything Ms. Cox stated in this video. The video
      was very informative! I agree with Shay the part about question everything is
      so important. Many business owners as make the mistake of commingling funds.
      Believing that their personal and business funds are one and same, and this couldn’t
      be further from the truth. In addition a lot of business owners tend not to
      realize how important it is the build a strong financial foundation. This is a
      passion of mine. To educate, empower and guide small business owner to achieve
      financial success by implementing SMART financial practice.

      video, I enjoyed it!

    32. Devonne says:

      Good information, the question every purchase tip is good and she also said to WAIT, it is not necessary to make alot of purchases in the beginning.

    33. POA says:

      A budget keeps one in the know

    34. Cameron T says:

      budgeting in key

    35. J5ac Designs says:

      Since I am funding my business under my own financial steam, this course was a good reminder to ensure I have a strong financial plan. It is not as specific has she has described but now I will go back and do more work on my plan. Thanks!

    36. Anna Abell says:

      I agree with knowing and spending yuour money well.

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