Strategies to Small Business Success

Down economy has many entrepreneurs struggling to stay afloat

taking the characteristics of your brand and identifying those people most likely to be attracted to it and to your personality. Develop a marketing plan to reach this core group. Then, take every opportunity to push your product or service to the forefront of consumers’ minds. This could be in the form of holding speaking engagements to talk about your company, creating a Website to disseminate information, and other promotional tools.

2. Be innovative: Develop new and unique products or services that will create positive change for consumers. Junior’s vision to “manufacture intellect” evolved into, an online radio show that, through downloadable lectures, lessons, and expert interviews, teaches small business owners how to compete in the marketplace. “I thought that I don’t have to use radio to talk about news,” says Junior, whose program attracts listeners in Japan, China, Turkey, Israel, and Spain. “I can use it as an educational tool, so if I get on the radio every day for a half hour and give you processes that you can use, and then give you more information through lectures, then I have just manufactured knowledge.”

3. Stay connected: Don’t wait for the economic storm clouds to blow over before searching for new business. Get out there and network. Just make sure, Junior says, to attend only those functions whose attendees are in your “brand friend family.” Don’t waste time sharing information with those not likely to be attracted to your business or your brand.

5. Hire a business coach: It is money well spent. Business coaches or consultants can provide personalized information on how to develop your enterprise. They also offer a support system that many small business owners lack and need to gain ground in a competitive marketplace.

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  • I am the proud owner of a small advertising agency. Due to the market advertising budgets are cut out of clients budget. I have wrked in media for eighteen years and fill lost. Considering bankruptcy…Suggestion needed

  • Thank you for this valuable information. Though I have been a fine artist for almost 15 years, as a business owner, I feel like a three year old. I love reading about how other people – like Ms. Junior – got their start. I really appreciated her idea of hiring a business coach. I plan to incorporate that into my short term goals.

  • Hi and thank you for this valuable information, but I am not sure how to apply this information because I do not have a small business. I live in Dallas, GA. 40 miles west of Atlanta, GA., so who would you recommend that assist undiscovered and undeveloped entrepreneurs who want to get started? Please reply at your leisure because I understand that your time is important.

  • Venita

    Greetings everyone, I was encouraged by reading Junior’s story as well. It is very challenging to even dare to dream of starting a business during this economic down time. Add in all the negativity and rejection from the naysayers (family, friends and potential prospects – surely one would be inclined to give up as I have often felt in the past. No longer governed by my feelings; (a skill that is still being developed
    with the help of my business coach/mentor)
    – the one thing that keeps me going is the fact that everyone is looking for solutions that work and get results JUST AS jUNIORS SAYS!!
    For example, I got results to some health issues I was facing and I wasn’t even looking for help – it was just my destined time to hear, receive and be at that moment which has dramatically impacted
    and changed my life so much that now I’m sharing my results with anyone that will hear. The health and economic crisis just in this super power country alone is AT IT’S WORSE. OFTEN – SOLUTIONS ARE SO OBVIOUS AND SO CLOSE THAT THEY’RE OVERLOOKED!! I simply share information and that individual will receive it if it’s their time to!!! – that I can not determine or control. So to all – keep pressing forward in your beliefs and dreams no matter what the present situation looks or feels like!!!!

  • I am a 46 year old African Americam male with ambition to go into state and federal government contracting for highway maintenance and construction.
    I have two young sons and one young adult son and I currently work in Iraq in an effort to gain enough capital to get my company off the ground in Texas.
    My business name and address is: SHAMGAR Highway Maintenance and Services 5500 Hunters Ridge Trail Killeen Texas 76542. I am currently looking for bonding information and a strong support tool to mentor me into the world of business ownership.
    I am open to any assistance you can render. Currently all corespondents will work better via email.

    Thank You