How I Made $100,000 From Home

Lower overhead and startup costs make these franchise options attractive

Despite the challenges, many home-based franchisees say the good outweighs the bad. “There’s a feeling of empowerment and confirmation that I can make a life for myself and my family, on my own and not be beholden to the limits and lack of fulfillment a corporate career often provides,” says 39-year-old Bill.

The Robertses also plan to eventually open an outside office once they find the right location, but like Gill, they are happy with the financial growth they were able to capitalize on thanks to the low overhead costs associated with a home-based business. “I think the biggest misconception about home-based franchises is that they can’t make the kind of money they need to make,” says Bailey. “A home-based franchise can be a very lucrative business if you pick the right one.”

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