How to Effectively Fund A Project on Kickstarter

5 steps to using the crowdfunding platform to get your startup off the ground

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Project creators are not receiving a handout. Having a compelling reward structure is one of the key elements to the success of Kickstarter campaigns. Robinson offered backers who donated $5 or more a postcard from Berlin, while her $30 or more backers were rewarded with a blooper video of her travels, a travel photo from Berlin and a personal postcard from Berlin.

Prior to offering those rewards she had ineffective ones that were not helping her reach her goal. At the advice of a Kickstarter community manager, Robinson changed her approach and saw a noticeable and positive change. “The best advice that he gave me and that I could give anybody else is this: you have to understand your project is not going to be funded by a couple people donating a lot of money,” she says. “If your project is going to be funded it’s going to be funded by a lot of people donating a little bit of money. With that in mind, the coolest most awesome rewards have to be in that $5 to $30 tier.”

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