How to Effectively Fund A Project on Kickstarter

5 steps to using the crowdfunding platform to get your startup off the ground

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Tired of the lack of diversity in fashion magazines in the West and Europe, Laura Eboa Songue, 24, along with two other friends Paola and Patrick, founded FASHIZBLACK, a digital magazine in February 2009. “As Afropeans (or Afro Europeans), we were not able to identify with any of the magazines already on newsstands, especially here in France,” says Songue. “On one hand, there are Western magazines with a cruel lack of diversity. On the other hand, Afro magazines [that are] hardly ever conceived with a global outlook.”

Kickstarter was the obvious choice when the France-based trio decided to bring FASHIZBLACK to print. They were able to raise $45,105, surpassing their $40,000 goal. The key to their success was preparation, says Songue. They read Kickstarter’s guidelines thoroughly, followed their suggestions and studied other projects that had been successful. “You have to read as much as possible on the subject,” she says.

Robinson agrees. “The worst thing you can do in Kickstarter is feel like you’re going to wing it,” she says. “It will wing you right back in the face. You really have to have a plan of execution down to every single day.”


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