How to Effectively Fund A Project on Kickstarter

5 steps to using the crowdfunding platform to get your startup off the ground

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Social media plays an integral part, perhaps the largest, in getting your project funded. Bringing awareness to your project is just the first step of gaining backers. Although Robinson, Songue and Dottin all surpassed their goals, they each took different approaches when utilizing social media. Dottin, unlike Robinson, doesn’t believe in shoving it in people’s faces. He posted on Facebook and Twitter twice a day max. Robinson says there’s a fine line between being persistence without being annoying. Both agree that begging is a no-no.

“I posted on Facebook for awareness on average of at least 10 times a day. Twitter was not conducive for this type of project,” says Robinson. “Twitter moves too fast. As soon as something is there is as soon as it’s gone. You need something that has stickiness.”

Robinson also gave daily shout outs on Facebook to her donors. Once the momentum got going, she noticed more and more people donating. “Pretty much manipulate and exploit social media to the max,” she says.

FASHIZBLACK’s Facebook fan page has over 22,000 “likes” and they have a profile with nearly 5,000 friends, which helped tremendously with reaching massive amounts of people. But Twitter was the reigning social media network for their success. “The user commitment is way stronger on Twitter because it is not as saturated as Facebook,” says Songue. “We would try to engage the users by introducing debates and mention the campaign.”

As with anything you have to know your audience and meet them where they are.

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