How to Effectively Fund A Project on Kickstarter

5 steps to using the crowdfunding platform to get your startup off the ground

(Image: ThinkStock)


Kickstarter is a platform where, if done correctly, project creators can build a sense of community. One commonality Songue, Robinson and Dottin share is they all had platforms, whether small or large, before launching on Kickstarter. Along with those platforms they each had their own networks. “We already had a fan base, social networking, a blog, a professional network of stylists, photographers, designers, brands etc.,” says Songue. “We used all of those things as a leverage to enhance a dynamic and reach our goal.”

Effectively using Kickstarter depends on a number of factors, but essentially it’s your network and their networks that are funding your project. From strangers to that cousin you only met once, without them there are no funds.

“People tend to hone in on their family and friends, but you really need to take a look at who your acquaintances are. You usually have more acquaintances than friends and family,” says Robinson. “And don’t be afraid to ask businesses and organizations you’re affiliated with. Really think outside of the box.”

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