If Diversity Is America’s “Secret Weapon”…

...The Executive Leadership Council's mission is to get corporations to use it to full effect

Another area Brooks stressed has been the power of strategic partnerships. One effective example is the collaboration among ELC; National Association of Investment Companies, a group of private equity firms that finances minority companies; The Marathon Club, an association of entrepreneurs; and New America Alliance, a group of Latino business leaders. These organizations have come together to provide entrepreneurial options for its members, expand supplier diversity within corporations and close the education gap. Such strategic alliances will be needed to tackle the daunting challenges facing American business as the world economy recovers.

Lastly, the ELC must remain vigilant in feeding the talent pipeline. The organization’s responses has included its annual Mid-Level Managers’ Symposium; The NextGen Network, which identifies young professionals who can be placed on the corporate leadership track and its scholars programs that provides funding for promising students.  With continued restructuring of corporations, such programs will prove even more valuable in maintaining and replenishing the flow of capable managers of color.

Brooks views today’s environment as one of great challenges but bountiful opportunities. He’s right. If corporate America fully applies diversity as a strategic thrust—with ELC’s help, of course—then it will gain a phalanx of talented executives that will develop the audacious and innovative products, services and strategies needed to advance global business for decades to come.

Derek T. Dingle is the editor-in-chief of Black Enterprise magazine.

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  • Claudia Thomas

    When are black people going to start talking about the real problems we have in MOST Major cities? i.e. Education, Crime, Poverty & unemployment. All I hear is Ed Gordon & Roland Martin and now Bob Herbert, telling us how much Obama needs an urban agenda? The Agenda has ALWAYS been: what are our representatives doing about their constituency neighborhoods that no one wants to go to? We can’t keep blaming everyone else when it’s OUR neghborhoods that have the problem. I’m answering here because I don’t know which blog to respond to. or how I’m supposed to respond. And I’m very frustrated with what I see in both the Black & White Media.

  • Usually I don

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