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Jackson (left) donated 3,000 Lock Laces to kids participating in the Special Olympics.

Understand what the retail value of the product should be. A lot of people come up with a great idea but they never know how much to charge. To determine the perfect price point to sell your product, first calculate how much your product will cost to make. Think about the big picture. You not only have to look at how much the product materials cost, but also the labor costs, or the price a person or a manufacturer will charge you to make it, in addition to wholesale and distribution costs. Try to use less expensive materials, and look at volume. The cost per individual product will go down if you purchase materials in larger volume. “All of that will go into the pricing structure,” says Jackson. Next, look for similar products on the market and see what their prices are. Make sure your prices are competitive (i.e. they will provide more value for your customer). But make sure you are able to still earn a profit.

Don’t disclose your idea to manufacturers. “One of the challenges you may have when coming up with a prototype is disclosing what you are doing with the components that you are requesting,” says Jackson. “Look for multiple manufacturers to make your one prototype, but never really tell them what the parts are for to keep your ideas from being stolen.” Jackson got separate components from three to four different companies to make his prototype. You can also hire a manufacturer to make your prototype, but only after they sign a nondisclosure agreement.

Use the materials that the manufacturer already has in place. If your patent is comprised of multiple parts and pieces, use parts that are already in existence unless it is absolutely necessary that your idea has to use specific types of plastic or metals, which need to be manufactured anew. “You don’t want to reinvent the wheel,” says Jackson. “If you can take components that are already being made by a particular manufacturer that will save you production time, costs, and labor.”

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  • This article is so true, especially when it said ” Don’t disclose your idea to manufacturers.” I did, I told them  about my concept, I sent them my prototype, they told me they were sending it to China and they would get back to me, I never heard from them, I went to the store a few months later and I saw that they made the concept for themselves, they just  changed  the material. Then a few months later I saw the whole concept but it was done by a company that I didn’t contact and they did the complete line. I was hurt, I mortgaged my home several times to start my business, the positive aspect is that I still own the rights to my Trademarks.

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    • kathy nixon

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    • elite.bayron02

      What happen then to your invention if you have rights

    • elite.bayron02

      What happen then to your invention if you the rights to your trademark

  • What a great article. Ill use it as i guide as i develop my own products!


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  • Once again if you can’t get a full patent then at least try to get a provisional patent before telling potential companies or people about your invention/ideas cover yourself. I have four othjer invention/ideas that are sure money makers with patents if anyone is interested in hearing about them and possibly doing a joint/venture or purchasing a sure thing patent contact me at or (313) 467-8778 anytime.

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