Lesson Plans for Young Entrepreneurs

Teach your children and teens to become business minded

Be the “E”

BeTheEHelp students discover their own passions and how to monetize them with the “Be the ‘E’ ” curriculum by the National 4-H Cooperative Curriculum System Inc. The plan includes workbook activities and “Be the E Jeopardy” where students can test out their entrepreneurial knowledge against their peers. The lesson plan helps students develop critical skill sets necessary to become a successful entrepreneur including decision making, problem solving, planning and organizing, and thinking creatively.

Through online and workbook lessons students learn record-keeping, types of businesses, products and pricing, marketing, partnerships, agreements and contracts. They also learn about opportunity costs, how to connect their other skills and interests to money-making opportunities, the crucial importance of timing for an entrepreneurial enterprise and how to write a business plan.

Grades: 7-10
Price: $13.50

The YoungBiz Foundation

EntrepreneurshipTodayThe “Entrepreneurship Today” curriculum provides high school students with an in-depth look at business ownership by teaching them how to write a working business plan that can be immediately put into action. The course provides 120 hours of instruction enabling students to conduct real-world business research, create marketing materials, learn to manage business finances, and improve teamwork, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

YoungBiz also publishes “You’re the Boss” which offers 30 hours of instruction used to dissuade at-risk youth, juvenile drop outs, and teens attending alternative schools to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career option. Students learn how to develop an idea out of their own interests and learn how to start a business by actually doing it.

Age Group: High School
Price: A classroom set with guides for 10 students and one teacher will cost $210. The student and teacher’s guides can be purchased individually for $19 and $30, respectively.

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